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The Ramp Room is New England's first multi-disciplinary indoor bike park where riders of all ages, abilities, and disciplines can ride and progress together. Progression is a process that requires confidence and commitment, so we created a unique space with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels at home; to help build confidence and give riders the comfort to commit. Whether you rip, or it's your first try we have something for you! ​


Our 6,200 square foot facility includes our unique 300-foot "Flow Track, " which can be jumped or rolled so that riders can progress comfortably. Because we're limited on space, we designed our Flow Track to be used for conditioning and perfecting a variety of fundamental cycling skills. Our jumps are the friendliest around, so this is definitely for anyone looking to gain confidence and comfort in the air. Our berms are tight and they come up quick, which makes our track perfect for working on cornering - whether you ride a BMX track or a single track, everyone should know how to properly corner. Pump lap sessions are a great way to build strength and improve your pumping acceleration for race day. We've had riders aged 18 months to 65 years old and they've all had a blast. You will too! 

Indoor bike park rhode island
Bike park rhode island

We are continuing to work as hard as possible to add features and maximize our space. We're currently in the process of downsizing our shop and retail space to add a mini ramp and a bowl. Once that's complete we will be very pleased to begin welcoming skaters and scooters as well! In addition we've been working a ton to find a way to incorporate BMX start gates for our race clinics. We're not there yet, but doing box starts into our Flow Track before the season starts will make a massive difference come race day. We have so many plans, way too many to list, but we will build until we cant! We want to expand our beginner area, add wall rides, new features, and increase the height of our berms. Long story short - WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED. 

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