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The Ramp Room is New England's first multi-disciplinary indoor bike park where riders of all ages, abilities, and disciplines can ride and progress together. Progression is a process that requires confidence and commitment, so we created a unique space with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels at home to help build confidence and give riders the comfort to commit. Whether you rip, or it's your first try we have something for you! ​

Indoor bike park rhode island
Indoor bike park rhode island

Our 6,200 square foot facility includes our unique 300-foot "Flow Track, " allowing riders to progress comfortably. Our Flow Track is equally fun to roll without your tires leaving the ground or to boost in "full send" mode over whatever gap suits you.

Bike park rhode island

We also have BMX start gates to ensure you're first off the line this season, a growing beginner area with a small and medium drop-in, rollers, and two mini table tops for our groms and so much more to build!

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