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Advanced Skills w/ KRob Jr.
120 Min $50.00

Our Advanced Skills clinic led by Instructor and Pro Rider Kevin Robinson Jr. is the perfect opportunity for experienced riders looking for a challenge. During this clinic, riders will improve foundational skills, learn new techniques to jump higher and maintain control in the air, and try new tricks to further their progression on our "Flow Track". Sign up now for an unforgettable experience!


Beginner Clinic
60 Min $20.00

Learning to ride BMX has never been easier with our Beginner Clinic. Join a group of up to 10 riders and receive 1 hour of expert instruction on our "Flow Track." Even if you've never ridden before, we welcome balance bikes and focus on building foundation skills like stability and control. No training wheels allowed.

Intermediate "Flow Track"
120 Min $20.00

Looking for an exciting hour of riding at your own pace? Join us for our new Intermediate "Flow Track" open session. This one-hour session is perfect for riders who are just getting comfortable out there. Bring your balance or pedal bike and experience the thrill of the big track at your own pace and meet other riders at your level. Please note that this is not an instructional session, but our team will be on hand to provide tips and help whenever possible. Guests are also welcome to assist riders on the track.

Open "Flow Track" 
120 Min $20.00

10  Rider Limit. Two hours on our Flow Track.  Riders for this session should be comfortable riding while standing and  demonstrate adequate bike control (braking, steering, etc.) over rollers and berms. Riders also MUST be able to enter the track from a raised platform. Foul language, bullying, and reckless/inappropriate behavior is not cool. Be nice and have fun!!  Registration fee is non-refundable. NO CLIPLESS PEDALS ALLOWED. 



Here at the Ramp Room, we are about inclusion, which is why we're proud to offer a Girls' Night every Tuesday. We want to provide a fun and supportive environment for female riders of all ability levels, so we've set up three girls-only sessions each week. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, Coaches Lydia and Jess have the knowledge, skills, and support to help you progress and have fun!

ramp room ladies night

Girls Only Beginner Clinic 

60 Min $20.00

We pride ourselves on catering to riders of all ability levels. Our Girls Only Beginner Clinic is the ideal place for young girls who want to experience BMX/MTN biking. With a maximum of 10 riders, our hour-long clinic provides a safe and supportive environment for riders to learn the basics of cycling skills. Under the guidance of Coach Lydia, participants will learn to safely roll over features, ride a berm, and increase their foundational skills without worrying about jumping. Best of all, registration is easy - simply sign up, pay the non-refundable fee, and get ready to ride!

girls ladies night learn to ride bmx mountain bike.jpg

Girls Only Jump School 
60 Min $20.00

Our Girls Only Jump School is the perfect opportunity for female riders to take their skills to the next level! Led by Coaches Lydia and Jess, this 1-hour clinic focuses on bike skills such as manuals, bunny hops, turning, pumping, and jumping. 10 riders per class. Participants must be able to comfortably ride our 'Flow Track' while standing. Don't miss out on this chance to improve your confidence on the bike and ride with style!

girl jump mtn bike.png

Girls Open "Flow Track" 

120 Min $20.00 

Calling all advanced female riders! Our Girls Open 'Flow Track' is the perfect opportunity to push your limits and connect with other riders. This two-hour session is not an instructional clinic and is limited to only 10 riders, so make sure to secure your spot early! Before participating, make sure you have a good handle on pumping while standing, have adequate bike control and can enter the track from our raised drop-in. Please note that clipless pedals are prohibited and the registration fee is non-refundable.

ladies mountain bike bmx.jpg
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